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Prepare Templates

Why Marvelpress?

Simple. Your designs on any product.

Marvelpress offers a complete solution for personalization and on-demand manufacturing. Decorate hundreds of products, offer any design or art SKU in your virtual catalog and get to market fast. More important, you carry no inventory, need no equipment. Outsource your warehouse, production and fulfillment for faster speed to market, lower cost to carry inventory and better quality control.

Monetize Content

Marvelpress presents a white label service to decorate products with your content. Vector art, raster graphics, logos, and photographs – basically any quality digital image – can be placed on hundreds of in-demand products for retail or eCommerce sales. Offer your art on any product. Get to customers quickly with your most recent design, or reach deep into your library to monetize existing designs.

Unlimited Products

Marvelpress delivers compelling product solutions. Our White WarehouseTM gives you the 100 hottest ‘standard in-stock’ products for immediate decoration. Our global reach gives you access to more than 600 other ready-to-decorate products. Finally, we bring new and unique products to market continuously.

New Opportunities

New markets, new products, higher margins, business expansion … just a few of the ways Marvelpress can change your business. Move away from typical commoditized items and into the realm of high margin personalized product. Take advantage of the hottest trend in business today – on-demand product personalization.